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Paintbrush Studio Collections

Exclusively for independent quilt shops.

A New Leaf by Ro Gregg (Feb 2014)

A Walk in the Park by Ro Gregg (Oct 2014)

Asian Fanfare by Ro Gregg (Oct 2014)

Bella by Ro Gregg (July 2014)

Block Party by Ro Gregg (Nov 2013)

Briarcliff (Feb 2015)

Calypso by Ro Gregg (Oct 2011)

Calypso Frogs by Ro Gregg (Feb 2013)

Calypso Goldfish by Ro Gregg (March 2014)

Changing Seasons by Ro Gregg (April 2015)

Chelsea (Jan 2015)

Classique (Jan 2015)

Coral Sea (Jan 2014)

Cosmopolitan (Dec 2013)

Dancing Cranes by Ro Gregg (June 2012)

Elemental Lines (May 2014)

Farmer John's Garden (June 2012)

Farmer John's Organic (May 2014)

Focus (Jan 2012)

Focus 118

Focus II (July 2013)

French Connection by Ro Gregg (June 2013)

Garden Whimsy by Judy Hansen (May 2012)

Graphix 3 (Feb 2015)

Imagine This by Linda Carlson & Diana Henage

Imperial Garden (July 2013)

Lady in Red by Ro Gregg (Nov 2012)

Lagoon (December 2013)

Lauren (August 2014)

Marble Head Rose Stained Glass Pattern

Marblehead 118" Backings

Marblehead by Ro Gregg (Dec. 2011)

Marblehead Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz by Ro Gregg

Marblehead Glistening Christmas II (March 2013)

Marblehead Glistening Xmas 3 by Ro Gregg (03/14)

Marblehead Global Brights by Ro Gregg (June 2012)

Marblehead Metallic Xmas by Ro Gregg (Jan 2012)

Marblehead Northern Woods (Oct 2012)

Marblehead Pleasing Pastels (May 2013)

Marblehead Rock Around the Block (June 2013)

Marblehead Venetian Glass by Ro Gregg (Dec 2013)

Nite Owls by Judy Hansen (July 2013)

Nutcracker Christmas by Judy Hansen (March 2014)

Peace on Earth by Ro Gregg (Feb 2015)

Piccadilly (May 2014)

Shadows (July 2014)

Snack Pack, Fat Quarters, Charm Packs

State Flowers II (August 2012)

Tis the Season by Ro Gregg (March 2014)

Tribal Council by Ro Gregg (Nov. 2012)

Vera Cruz (Feb 2015)

Vibe by Ro Gregg (May 2014)

Who's Who by Ro Gregg (Oct. 2014)

Windsor Woods by Ro Gregg (June 2014)

Winter Memories by Ro Gregg (January 2012)

Winter Song by Sharon Holland (March 2011)

Woodblock by Ro Gregg (May 2012)

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